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Clinical Examinations

Clinical examinations just like any other veterinary surgeon, but we add an energetic examination. The energetic examination looks at the Body , Mind and Soul of the pet. The body and mind react in the reflex freeze/flight or fight reaction. The reflex is a repulsion. Illness is associated with the repulsion of something and we discover what your pet is repelling to resolve the clinical dilemma. Our diagnosis involves using a laser that sends frequencies into the pet.

We are able to test anything: 

Physical eg: Viruses, bacteria, toxins, etc

Allergens eg: Food, Contact and Inhalant allergens

Immune system: APC - T cell ligands eg PD1- L1, CTLA4 

Non-physical: eg States of consciousness eg Fear 

All illnesses are associated with a blockage of acupuncture channels in the: 




Our diagnosis identifies all of the issues at hand to unravel very complicated illnesses. 

Please watch some videos on our philosophy of how we treat, as it is a complex subject. 


Clinic facilities

Digital Xray


In house laboratory

Dental suite 

Dedicated surgical theatre

Piped oxygen generation 




Vibrational sound therapy

Laser therapy 

Herbal medicine

Dietary therapy 

Ozone therapy 

IV Nutraceuticals

Human acupuncture

Veterinarian with Dog

Health Care Plans

Traditional veterinary chemical preventative care is effective at preventing illness of the disease, but for some animals, it comes at a cost, thus we advice natural prevention. Natural methods are not guaranteed to work hence we need to check the effectiveness by doing frequent testing. 

We offer : 

Natural Health Care preventative plans

We are happy to serve you and your pet in the manner you wish to treat them if you want to give them chemical preventatives we do have them available. 

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