Allergies are very complex illnesses. The fundamental issue is to diagnose what the patient is allergic to and remove it from the environment, this remains the mainstay treatment of allergies. 

Thus, diagnosing what the animal is allergic to is important. 

Diagnosing allergies is complex, expensive and scientists have different views of what constitutes an allergic response. Scientists argue among themselves about what is the best test to diagnose allergies. It has been my driving focus to understand allergies so I have a completely different and independent view of the scientists.


An allergen creates an allergic response in an allergic patient but not in another patient. So essentially it is a normal substance that creates an abnormal response in certain patients. It is definitely about memory as allergies can be passed down the gene pool.  My view is different as I talk in Physics and talk about the electromagnetic repulsion of substances as opposed to allergens. Thus, in illness, you have electromagnetic repulsion and in health, you have an electromagnetic attraction. This is the simplicity of health and disease as seen in physics.  The historical testing of electromagnetic repulsion has been the subjective testing methods of : 

 1) Kinesiology testing 

2) Omura O ring test,

3) Nogier / RAC Pulse testing,

4) and my own Laser pulse test, a combination of the Omura O ring test and the RAC pulse test that I have been using for the last 2o years. 

The above subjective testing methods have been discounted by scientists because they are not objective testing methods. The diagnosis methods above are energy diagnostic methods, they are skills that can be taught, but not everyone is willing to learn them, hence they have failed scientific investigation.

I have created an objective testing method that measures the electromagnetic repulsion and overcomes the problem of:

1) Human bias

2) Learning a skill that some find difficult to interpret and perform 

3) Human fatigue from performing multiple tests one after another. 


First I had to create an electromagnetic sensor that could measure biomagnetic fields in the PicoTesla range. This is a huge achievement in Physics. If you were to build a device the closest you could get to is the MilliTesla range - Milli equals 1o to the power of three and Pico equals 10 to the power of twelve. 


Measuring magnetic fields at this level is normally only achieved at -270 degrees Celsius and zero gravity fields - in other words rather impractical. However,  I can now measure biomagnetic fields at normal room temperature and normal earth magnetic fields.


Once the senor was created, I had to then create a method to measure and objectively record the biomagnetic repulsions which were built into a computer program. The final stage was then to build libraries of electromagnetic waves of substances to be tested. It turns out anything can be a potential source of an electromagnetic repulsion. 

The end result is that we now have a practical device to test what the patient is electromagnetic repelling, in those cases that are medically termed Allergies. Is the testing scientifically valid? This is a very important question.


In Science to test if a test is valid, one has to test the test against known science. The problem we have is that there is no known scientific equipment that can measure the repulsion of electromagnetic fields in the PicoTesla range. The only tests we have are the subjective testing methods as previously described. So validating the diagnostic tool is going to take some lateral thinking.

Science demands high standards of testing. Only 5% error is allowable in testing. Every testing method has False negatives and False positives. The test currently runs at an 8.5-10% error rate - which does not match the scientific requirements. It's close, but not close enough. Electromagnetic radiation from other electronic devices appears to be the biggest issue to overcome.


The errors mean there are limitations to how the device can be used, which means that we can only use the diagnosis as a screening tool as opposed to a scientific diagnostic device. ​Hopefully, future versions and iterations of the diagnostic tool will meet scientific standards. The device is version 1, the beginning of a whole new field of science, at least, that is my hope. 

The screening tool will help because we have the ability to test anything we know about in science,  based on the work and toll of valid scientific research. The testing capability is unlimited - so as our knowledge grows, no doubt the tests will grow according to our knowledge. The test is an energetic test so it does not require chemical substances. Thus effectively we have developed a screening tool with unlimited potential for finding out what is associated with the pathogenesis of allergies. We can study the patient in detail to formulate a picture of what is causing the energetic repulsions. 

We build our libraries of information from libraries of genetic code or amino acid sequences freely available to the scientific community. eg Wheat Lectin has this amino acid code: 


Each amino acid letter is recorded as a music file, those 211 letters, ie 211 songs are then converted into a single music file - Wheat Lectin which is then tested to see if the patient is electromagnetically repelling that particular protein. 


The test is built upon the wave recording of DNA bases - A G T C  this gives us the ability to create the genome of any pathogen eg Virus, Bacteria, Protozoan, etc. The ability to know which pathogen is involved in allergies is important. To test via PCR analysis ( the scientific gold standard method to ID pathogens) the number of possible pathogens in Allergies would simply be impractical due to the significant cost. The screening tool helps identify which physical test should be performed to make a scientific diagnosis. 

In addition, we are able to test what toxins the pathogens produce eg Staphylococcus aureus produces a toxin eg  Enterotoxin Type A is made from 


So we are able to test if the patient is repelling the bacteria, but we can also test if it's repelling the toxin which then makes the diagnosis even more likely. There are very few scientific tests readily available to give this type of information. Thus, in matters where a scientific test is not available one can test genes, proteins, enzymes, and chemicals. eg we are able to test major biochemical reactions for example the Detox pathways - there are three main detoxifying pathways. Detox pathways and toxins are central to allergies.  Thus our understanding of the disease process expands. The more we know about the disease process the more we can help.  


Thus we can then build an Allergy profile test which then tests multiple substances. Once this information is available as a report, then one can start to build an understanding of how you can best help the patient.

Broadly what we test in the allergy profile : 

Body: The body has three energy systems akin to the three nerve synapses in a Neuron in the brain:  input nerve ( Yin) output nerve (yang) and the Inhibitory nerve ( Inh). Most medical termed allergies occur in the Inhibitory system.  Where they occur often give insight to what kind of allergy one has eg Lung - Inhalant; Heart - Contact; Liver - Food

Mind: For each of the body energy systems there is a negative mental state and a positive mental state. Some medically termed allergies have a pure mental triggering aspect. The mind is in six states: 

I am not worthy  / I am worthy 

I am not loveable / I am loveable 

I cannot do this / I can do this 

A long-held mental state then creates a state of consciousness and most medical termed allergies are based in the states of consciousness of Fear or Grief. Bear in mind this is the reflection of the owner's own consciousness. We would break this down further into what is called the missing data from our birthdate eg  13 / 08 /1966 

is not my birthdate but it has some of the missing numbers of my birthdate eg 

No 4: Which relates to connection to others 

So my personal issues over Fear are deeply connected to my missing birthdate of number 4 - hence I was electromagnetically repelling - hence as humans, we judge ourselves that we are lacking ie not worthy / not loveable / not able to deal with others. These long-held mental states then create these states of consciousness. These states of consciousness then become the prime / root cause of medically termed allergies. 

Soul: We are all unique individuals and so it is with our pets they have a constitutional channel that makes up their soul or their own specific rose-tinted glasses from which they observe the world. eg Heart based animals will be very connected to people / other animals etc. 

Food allergens Proteins eg Chicken, Beef;  Lectins eg Rice lectin, Wheat lectin

Contact allergens - Grasses / Cotton / Polyester 

Inhalant allergens - Qld inhalant allergens eg Trees , Grasses, Shrubs, Fungal etc 




Carbohydrate derived acetaldehyde


Vaccine excipients 

Immune system 




Microbiome - skin and GIT bacteria  / yeast 


Flea, Flea saliva

Mites - Sarcoptes / Demodex

Worms - Hookworm, Round Worm, Heartworm 




The treatment principles are : 

1.  Avoid the allergen or toxins 

2. Detox in the form of the diet, balancing acupuncture, herbs, and detoxifying medications. 

2. Change an energetic repulsion to an attraction where avoidance is not possible. 

3. Understand that the single underlying denominator of ALL electromagnetic repulsions in the pet stems from the consciousness of the owner. Treat one root cause vs multiple allergens in the pet. 

4.  Medicate those patients where allergens are unavoidable and owner's consciousness is unlikely to change - why would you let a pet suffer when there are medications to suppress the symptoms. 

Understanding these factors -you will be less likely to be asking can you cure my pet of his/her allergies. If it is something we can easily avoid - then most definitely we can make a difference. We can manage the lifetime allergy cases, we can use fewer drugs less frequently as long as we work on our own consciousness on a daily basis. I have patients perfectly balanced and the owner has a wobble and we have flare-ups.

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