Process of Laser Trial 

1. Understand the trial format 

Register, upload a photo taken ON DAY of PCR TEST , Grade your symptoms  

Two days later upload a SECOND photo ( black / white) ; Grade your symptoms

6 days from PCR test - UPLOAD your PCR test result, Grade your symptoms 

2. Understand what the trial is about

Participant Information Sheet


Laser diagnosis of Covid-19 – Validation trial


In science, a new diagnostic device must be validated by a validation trial, which means testing a known validated testing method with an unknown testing method. In this case the known and validated test for Covid-19 is the PCR test and the unknown new test is the Laser TC device.

The outcome of the test:

If the Laser diagnosis test is validated by the scientific method, we will inform you of the result of your test by email. In the event the Laser diagnostic test is not validated we will inform you of this via email and no results will be released as it would be unvalidated information, which will be of no value to you.

The testing procedure:

The PCR test looks for Viral RNA of several genes, the laser test will test all the genes, plus the proteins the genes create, not in physical form but in energetic form.

The basis of the test procedure:

The test works on the electromagnetic force of repulsion, and when a virus affects the body in a harmful manner, it places energetic systems, channels, and organs into a negative or South Pole magnetic status. Thus, when a laser is shone with a signal containing the virus in a negative or South Pole magnetic status, the body will repel the signal. Negative repels negative, and the South Pole repels the South Pole, and the repulsion is picked up by an incredibly sensitive sensor and records the change, like an ECG records the electrical activity of the heart. The number of repulsions is an indication to the extent the body repels the sample tested.

The test utilises the Electromagnetic force which has its principle of action in Repulsion and Attraction as described above. Another principle of the Electromagnetic force is that it has an action over infinite distances over the whole extent of the Universe. The importance of this fact is that an energy diagnosis of the Electromagnetic force can be performed in person OR via a photograph. Due to the importance of social distancing in the current Covid-19 pandemic diagnosing via a photograph is far preferable and safer for staff involved in testing.


Process of validation:

Step one:

  1. Register for the trial and give consent.

  2. Please upload a NON – IDENTIFYING photograph (please load a standard colour photograph) of yourself taken on the day of PCR testing

  3. Answer questions on symptoms - Grade symptoms as 0-10, 10 being the worst.



Step two: Two days later

  1. Please upload a BLACK and WHITE Non- Identifying Photograph

  2. Answer questions on symptoms - Grade symptoms as 0-10, 10 being the worst.



Step three:

  1. Enter your PCR test result (usually 5 days from test date)

  2. Upload a photograph/scan of the PCR test result – critical to verify a true result.

  3. Answer the final symptoms questions - Grade symptoms as 0-10, 10 being the worst.


Step four: Communication will occur on the outcome of the validation trial:

If successful you will receive the test result,

If unsuccessful you will only receive information that the trial was unsuccessful.


The expected time period will be thirty days from the commencement of the trial.



Privacy of information:

Your data will be held privately and stored under the conditions set out by the Australian Privacy Principles Jan 2014. The results of the validation trial will be redacted to remove private information and will be shared with regulatory bodies in Australia and overseas for the inclusion of the Laser diagnostic device into regulatory repositories that meet international security and safety standards of data storage, for purposes of registering the Laser diagnostic tool in these countries.


Non-identifying photographs will be used for research purposes only. 

3. Give Consent by electronic signature 

Laser Diagnosis validation trial for Covid-19 – Informed consent



The laser diagnosis validation trial is a trial to test if the unknown Laser diagnosis test is a valid testing method when compared to the standard PCR test for the diagnosis of Covid-19.



I hereby give my consent for the storage of my private data, my Covid-19 PCR test, and my nonidentifying photographs for the purpose of administering my participation in this study in accordance with the privacy laws of Australian Privacy Principles 2014.

Your data will be stored in a secure two-factor verification cloud database for a period of ten years and will be accessed by the Principal investigator and Bilberry Human Research Ethics Committee. At the end of this storage period, your data will be deleted.


I hereby give my consent that the redacted trial results will be shared with a statistician and regulatory bodies in Australia and in other countries for the purposes of registering the device as a medical device for healthcare purposes in those countries. I understand that no private data will be shared that could result in the test result being used to re-identify me as a participant of the trial. Also understanding that the regulatory regimes governing data access and use in other countries may not be the same as those that are in place in Australia.


I hereby give my consent in the event the validation trial is successful that I will be notified of the Laser diagnosis test results via email. I also understand if the validation trial is unsuccessful, I will be notified of this unsuccessful outcome and will have no test result of the laser diagnosis test sent to me.


I understand that I may revoke my consent at any point with no justification required.

My electronic signature on registration is my consent.

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