Background Physics of the work of Dr Garry Bright 

Most health care systems study disease.

The principle difference of the work Dr. Garry does is the opposite he studies health. If you focus on health then that's what you replicate. However to understand health you also have to understand the disease process. 

The body is a complex system that has taken millennia of evolution to create. Evolutionary we are all very similar eg a worm is very similar to a human being, underneath all the difference is a simple commonality. The commonality lies in PHYSICS. You can see the physics in nature. If you study physics you see the simplicity instead of the complexity.


In physics, we are all created from four fundamental forces. It is the Standard Model of physics. ​

There are four forces the Strong Force, the Weak Force, the Electromagnetic force and Gravity. These four forces can also be looked at as Matter / Energy / Space and Time.  Gravity and Time are similar in that they are unidirectional - single vector forces, what this means is that as Time we know as Yesterday / Today and Tomorrow it's moving in one direction. 

Space (Energy and Matter) are bi-directional two vector forces - eg I can be in New York or Travelling to Sydney from New York, once in Sydney I can travel back to New York. Unlike Time once it has passed there is no going back to it.  Our physical reality is living in unidirectional time experiencing a three-dimensional physical space.


Space / Energy and Matter are bidirectional vector forces and this means there are particles of matter associated with the three forces. 

Particles are like drugs - so they are subjected to tests in clinical situations to determine if the drug works - the classical test is the double-blind placebo trial. So if that test is performed on the Physical particle you get a result as on the Right of the below picture. You get a very definite outcome. However, if that same test is performed on the force behind the particle you get the outcome on the left of the picture - it is called interference. The significance of this is massive - because even though this knowledge has been understood for well over 100 years it still is NOT common knowledge. A scientist will debunk any test performed by a force as inaccurate but at the same time time the scientist has no understanding of the physics behind the test. 

If the same clinical trial is performed but now with observation, the force then reacts in the same way as a particle does. It simply is just physics which is not really understood even though the information has been around for 100 years. 

From the above it is noted that the observer does not actually need to be present - the observer could be locally or in some far distant place observing over the internet. So this brings us to the understanding of two very important aspects of the four forces. The forces have two aspects of action where the strong and weak force only act locally and the electromagnetic force and gravity act over an infinite distance. Hence why the observer can be present locally or can be on the other side of the world.  Also important to understand 2/3rd of the matter is dependent on local action and 1/3rd of the matter is dependent on the action of forces over infinite distances. 

The physical forces of the Strong Force and the Weak force are nuclear reactions of Fusion and Fission respectively. As humans to this date of 2020 we have not been able to access the Fusion nuclear force, however we are able to access the Fission nuclear force and that is used in our Nuclear energy plants. Which leaves us only one force that is available in BIOLOGY the Electromagnetic force. 


Hence if we look at health and disease in this force Health is Attraction and disease is Repulsion. 

Treatment is then to simply change a negative repelling state to a positive accepting state. 

Diagnosis of this repulsion has been performed using the laser RAC pulse - it is a subjective test. It is a very simple test anyone can do as long as they take their consciousness from the Thinking state to the Feeling state. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to feel.


So it has been my lifelong aspiration to create this subjective test into an objective test. The problem has been having access to a magnetic sensor that can measure the Biomagnetic fields in the nano-Tesla to pico-Tesla range. I have created such a device and for the very first time, we now have scientific objective measurements of the repulsion of substances. Truly this is a breakthrough in science, I have spent years and countless experiments to make this discovery. 

Base Line – non living reading


Heart - living .

The very first image of the RAC pulse in an objective measurement

TC Diagnostic Laser

Positive Test

Negative Test

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