• Garry Bright

You are not broken, but there is a reason why you think you are.

You are born on a date - that date gives you information that creates the foundation of what you are awesome at.

When I say that to people - they look at me, no that's so not true, I am not awesome! To be honest I am downright crap.

WHY? Why do people not feel they are awesome? Well because you have some missing numbers from your birthdate, and those missing numbers mean that you are not awesome at the skills those missing numbers provide. For me, #4 means I have difficulty communicating/connecting with others. So the consequence is that I judge myself and set up states of Consciousness based on the fact that I think I am crap at connecting with others. So for example Shame, Fear - then if someone would criticize me in my communicating abilities, well then Anger, Grief, etc. Then if I look at how my life is going - more judgment.

The states of consciousness block energy channels and centers in your body and now not only do you think you crap, you feel crap. Illness results.

I have studied the physics of health and it involves the opposite of disease which is repelling the state of consciousness. Thus, when acupuncture/meditation is performed with the music of the state of consciousness at the specific frequency of the missing number, transformations can occur. Finally, there is a solution. The result is health.

The top states of consciousness that account for most illnesses: Fear and Grief

Another really great understanding is that - your state of consciousness creates a field that your children and your pets reflect. They become ill because of you.

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