Training options

Fractal acupuncture system : 

  • Easy to learn 

  • Easy to apply

  • Rapid online access to all information 

  • Minimal cost self-learning - access available to ALL

  • Moderate cost for group training - for the most up to date information. 

  • Individual training to grasp the specific detail  


  • Become a master in acupuncture diagnosis and treatment

Diagnose: The sick channels of the 

Body: Yang / Inh / Yin 

Mind : 6 Levels

Soul :  1 of 12 channels  and 1 of 64 Hexagrams


Viruses / Bacteria / Fungus etc 

Toxins  eg Snake toxin / Spider Toxin / Insect  etc 

Diagnose biochemical pathways: 

Detoxification : Stage 1 / Stage 2 / Nutrients eg Vitamins / Mineral / Amino acids 

Krebbs Cycle etc 


APC - T-cell antigen presentation 

Signaling systems - eg Jak STAT / KIT 

TC laser diagnostic and treatment laser  tool potentially available late 2019  

Entry level $75.00
Online $300.00

Order the book and download the app as above 

Access to Video / Text / Presentations on the Fractal acupuncture system

Group  $900.00

As for the Online training 

Weekly group training for 3 months - Zoom classroom. Recordings for those in different time zones. 

Get the most up to date training 

Individual $1500.00

As for the Group training

Weekly one on one sessions and help with cases for 3 months 

Zoom classroom. 

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